Magical Jungle: An Inky Expedition & Coloring Book

I’ve been coloring ever since I could hold a crayon in my hand. Over the years, I’ve learned various tips and techniques that have helped me improve my coloring skills with colored pencils. Today, I will be sharing what I’ve learned from using Prismacolor Soft Core Colored Pencils, in the best selling coloring book Magical Jungle, by Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford. Her popular coloring book collection has sold over 16 million copies worldwide. Check out her free downloads, you can print straight from home! Look for Johanna’s newest release, Ivy and the Inky Butterfly coming this fall.

I personally prefer Prismacolor over other brands. My father who is an artist himself, introduced me to these pencils, when I was a young teenager. Prismacolors are wax based pencils. The soft core makes them ideal for shading and blending. The high quality pigment shows rich color. The results are stunning!

The only downside I have to report about Prisma’s is, the possible breakage. Fortunately, I haven’t come across too many defective pencils, but sometimes no matter how much you sharpen the pencil, the tips will break off. This is because the lead inside the pencil is broken, or cracked for some reason or another. One cause of broken leads is, if you drop the pencils on the ground. Use caution when transporting. Check out Carrie’s tips for repairing broken Prismacolors.

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Scratch Art

Welcome to my very first weekly craft blog post! Today’s project is from a book of Mandalas. I found this book at Michael’s for around $16. As far as I know, they won’t allow coupons on the sale of books, because their retailer doesn’t give permission. I found it slightly cheaper online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon for $13. There are 36 beautiful scratch off designs, of all different colors. A pointy wooden tool is included. Some pages are more challenging than others. If you want to start with an easy Mandala, choose one with thicker lines, rather than really thin hair lines. Beware: Use caution with this project. Finger nails can easily scrape the surface, revealing unwanted color. I used a sheet of paper under the palm of my hand to help with this. I still managed to nick a few spots here and there. When wiping away black specs from scratching, flatten your hand and gently sweep across. Instead of following the precise detailing, make it your own! When I first started scratching I loved it, but realized about a quarter through, there was too much of the black showing. I wanted more of the pretty colors so I filled in several areas.

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