Who Am I?


Who are you? This is who I am.

I am Amber

I am a woman, but not typical

I am twenty-six, but not twelve

I am small, but not weak

I am deaf, but not dumb

I am a wife, but not selfish


I am strong, but not defeated

I am beautiful, but not flawless

I am talented, but not wasteful

I am worthy, but not useless

I am confident, but not arrogant


I am brave, but not alone

I am courageous, but not scared

I am inspired, but not envious

I am changing, but not repeating

I am unique, but not ordinary


I am wise, but not perfect

I am focused, but not anxious

I am committed, but not ceasing

I am accomplished, but not failing

I am a leader, but not controlling


I am a believer, but not hopeless

I am Godly, but not tempted

I am loved, but not rejected

I am blessed, but not cursed

I am redeemed, but not broken


I am a friend, but not fake

I am kind, but not rude

I am patient, but not frustrated

I am honest, but not biased

I am supportive, but not critical


I am the light, but not the darkness

I am motivated, but not refusing

I am the journey, not the destination

I am fearless, but not uncertain

I am free, but not lost


I am found

I am happy

I am alive

I am enough

I am me

© Amber Newman 2018


Listen to Who am I by the Casting Crowns.





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