DIY Valentine Coupon’s

A coupon book is far from a one of a kind gift, which is why I’ve never made one until now. Instead of making a typical sexy, hot, naughty, or whatever you want to call it cheesy-coupon book, I came up with useful things I knew my husband would appreciate, such as, free food, back massage, and watching his favorite T.V. shows. Think about specific things your significant other enjoys and create coupons tailored to their needs.


Supplies List:

White Card-stock

Red Cardstock

Scissors OR Paper Trimmer

Tape Runner OR Glue Stick

Barcode Stamp

Made with Love Stamp

I decided to brand my coupons as P’s Coupons because my husband’s nickname for me is “P” Due to my small size. If you have access to a computer and printer this project will take much less effort and time. I typed up my coupons on my word document software. I stamped the barcode using a wooden stamp from Stampin’ Up! and I also made my envelope from a single sheet of shiny red card stock. Need help folding an envelope? Check out this step by step envelope folding tutorial by Pigeon Letters.




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