Wire Wrapped Flowers

I made this craft a few weeks ago with my women’s bible study group. We study scripture for an hour and make a small craft afterwards. I was a little skeptical at first, but once I tried it I found it to be really enjoyable.

If you’re a jewelry maker like me, you will already have many of these products and tools needed for this project.

Supplies List:

Tools Needed:

BuzzFeed Nifty from YouTube shows a demonstration of how to make these flowers.

Step 1

Cut about an arms length of wire depending on how long you want the stems to be. Twist wire into a flower shape using a marker or another round object. The thicker the marker the larger the flower petal will be. Wire is offered in many different colors. I used black.

Step 2

Shape your desired flowers using the marker, round nose pliers, and/or chain nose pliers.

Step 3

Pour the glue into an open container that is wide enough and deep enough to dip the flowers in. I used a plastic mini bathroom cup. Dip your flowers into the glue. I used clear Elmer’s glue for this. It seemed to hold up pretty well. The glue may pop the first few dips. If this happens just try again. Stick the stem of the dipped flowers into a piece of styrofoam and let dry for 8 hours. Repeat once more, so that you have dipped your flowers twice.


Step 4

Once the glue is dry, use your choice of nail polish to paint the flowers. Let dry.


Step 5

Wrap the stems using green floral tape.


Step 6

Display your flowers in a mini vase.



I added flat back Pearls in the middle of my flowers to add extra appeal and filled my glass vases withcrystal filler

Have a wonderful week!

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