Choosing Your Devotional

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means its time to shop for a brand new, freshly printed, unmarked devotional. How exciting!

There are too many different devotionals on the market. How do you pick one? It depends on what you’re looking for. What are your specific needs? I’ve listed a few things  to search for when shopping for the perfect devotional.


Choosing a Devotional:

  • Topic or subject matter

All devotionals are usually for a specific audience. Weather it be for men, women, couples, study groups, or youth. Many are also geared towards relevant issues, such as, self-acceptance and confidence, love and marriage, or a particular food and fitness journey.

  •  Tailored to your needs

What have you been struggling with recently? Pick a devotional for who you are now, one that speaks to you.

  • Authors

Its easy to find a devotional if you’re looking for a well known author.

  • Ratings and reviews

If you’re anything like me you always check the reviews before you invest in the product. I am content with my purchase the moment I buy it because of the five star review.

  • Length and time investment

Devotionals can be either daily or weekly. Consider how much time you want to spend reading. Books that have daily devotionals are typically shorter in length for each day, while books with weekly devotionals are at least a few pages long. Some might include photos and extra journaling pages. Ask yourself, “Do I have the time for this?” Are you as dedicated as you think you are?

  • Religion

I like my devotionals to be bible based, meaning they refer to scripture either every day or week. If you find a devotional that is not referencing the bible regularly, these will fall into the category of self-help, which of course is not a problem, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  • Experience

If you are a new christian you probably don’t want a devotional that goes too deep into theology to understand. I recommend purchasing recently released devotionals within the past ten years, mentioning the newer translations of the bible, such as, NIV, or NLT. Scripture taken from these versions are easier to read than the original KJV.



My Devotionals This Year:

Flourish is recommended for groups of friends. We chose this for our bi-weekly women’s bible study meetings this year at church. At the end of each month is a blank illustration for coloring. The weekly exercises are spiritually engaging and helpful. I’m really enjoying Margaret’s analogy around flourishing.

I chose The Confident Woman devotional for myself because I need to work on this particular area of my life. I could definitely use the extra motivation. I like how Joyce intertwines biblical stories into this devotional.

Savor was a birthday gift from my mom back in the summer. I wanted to wait until the beginning of the year to start. In all honesty, I’m not too interested in it so far. There is not enough bible referencing for me. There are recipes spread throughout the book.

Everyday Faith is a mini pocketbook size daily devotional subscription. This small devotional is printed with scriptures, prayers, inspirational quotes, and suggested activities. The perfect quick reading!


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