Book of the Month: Angels Walking

For this months book I decided to read a genre I’ve never read before, christian fiction. After researching a few Christian authors, I chose Karen Kingsbury. I didn’t have a specific title in mind, but I knew Ollie’s Bargain Outlet sells books really cheap. I wanted to check out their selection first, before looking anywhere else. It was my lucky day! I was able to find several Kingsbury novels. At first glance, I spotted Chasing Sunsets. I read a summary on the back page, and learned it was book two from a three part series. After searching through several stacks of books for over fifteen minutes, I eventually found book three, Brush of Wings. Both hardcovers for $3.99 each! I was unable to locate the first book in the series, Angels Walking, but no problem. I found a copy on E-bay.


Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury is a #1 New York Times bestselling author. She has sold more than twenty-five million copies of her christian faith based novels. Many of her novels are currently in the development stages with Hallmark Films, as well as, major motion pictures. Karen currently resides in Tennessee with her husband Don, and is a mother to six children, three who are adopted from Haiti.

GoodReads Synopsis:

When former national baseball star Tyler Ames suffers a career-ending injury, all he can think about is putting his life back together the way it was before. He has lost everyone he loves on his way to the big leagues. Then just when things seem to be turning around, Tyler hits rock bottom. Across the country, Tyler’s one true love Sami Dawson has moved on.

A series of small miracles leads Tyler to a maintenance job at a retirement home and a friendship with Virginia Hutcheson, an old woman with Alzheimer’s who strangely might have the answers he so desperately seeks.

A team of Angels Walking take on the mission to restore hope for Tyler, Sami, and Virginia. Can such small and seemingly insignificant actions of the unseen bring healing and redemption? And can the words of a stranger rekindle lost love? Every journey begins with a step.

It is time for the mission to begin.

My Rating 4.0Star Rating.pngStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingFive-pointed_star.svg.png

Mrs. Kingsbury excels at storytelling. She accurately portrayed alzheimer’s and substance abuse. Her conversations between characters are real and relatable. I gave it a four star rating because I felt the story was a little rushed. I would have liked to read more about Tyler and Sami when they were younger, as well as, a deeper look into Sami and Arnie’s relationship. One of my favorite characters was Sami’s friend, Mary Catherine. She knew who she was and exactly what she wanted. Overall, it was the perfect mix of love, loss, fear, and victory. Angels Walking made me realize, I have felt God’s presence in my life just like the characters in this book. This is a story of grace and redemption.

Karen has challenged me to review, and further study 2 Corinthians 4:18, as well as, Hebrews 13:2. What is an angel, and do we really have them walking among us? I thoroughly enjoyed the reading group guide at the end of the novel, which can also be completed individually in a journal.

Continue reading the story of Tyler Ames and Sami Dawson in Chasing Sunsets, (book 2) and Brush of Wings(book 3)

Check out Karen’s newest Baxter family novel (series #2),In This Moment, available now!


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  1. I liked reading her words encouraged you to go back to the Bible and look through certain passages ~ That would be a big compliment for a Christian author to know you did that after the read! I’m so glad you posted the review, Amber 🙂

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