My Lungs Are Made For Breathing

I was lying in bed a few nights ago, when a random idea managed to make its way through my tunnel of thoughts. My mind wanders a lot before bedtime. Sometimes of memories, books I’ve read, shows I’ve watched, or what I want to eat the next day. I seem to always formulate my best concepts during the early hours of the morning. I’m a night owl.

That particular night I was disappointed at my myself for disposing a poem I wrote a few years ago. I thought it was lousily written, so I crumbled it, and tossed it away, over a year ago. I sat in bed, staring at the wall, desperately trying to remember what I had written. All I managed to recall was that it was about breathing with new lungs. I sighed heavily, thinking, Oh well, I can write a new poem. Then, suddenly I came up with the title, my lungs are made for breathing. Anyone who suffers from cystic fibrosis knows our lungs simply suck at being lungs. Our lungs are definitely not made for breathing well, but new transplanted lungs is a different story.

I wrote this poem, which represents the different stages of my life. Over the past several years, I’ve struggled to accept the circumstances after my transplants. I went from living a semi-normal life, to dying, to living again. It might sound straightforward, but unfortunately, it isn’t. I used to constantly worry about becoming sick again, my lungs developing an infection, or rejecting my transplant organs. I thought for sure I was living on borrowed time. My life would end sooner, rather than later. The past ten years have been an eventful, fast moving, roller coaster. I’ve definitely flew off the track a few times, although, I wouldn’t trade my life for a less bumpy ride. The unstable roller coaster ride has made me the independant woman I am today.


My Lungs Are Made For Breathing

I am a confident, healthy, child.

My hero is Peter Pan.

I am happy.

I live in a room full of toys.

I feel normal.

I love my barbies and baby dolls.

I listen to my parents.

I dance in costumes on stage.

I read Judy Blume.

I wish I could have everything I want.

I’m afraid of needles.

I want to be a nurse.

I learn kindness.

I find enjoyment.

I say, “I want it my way”

I’m breathing despite lungs with cystic fibrosis.

I am a sick, distressed, tween.

My hero is Oprah Winfrey.

I am brave.

I live with hope.

I feel pain.

I love my family.

I listen to my doctors.

I dance, until I can’t breathe.

I read get well soon greeting cards.

I wish my suffering would end.

I’m afraid of dying.

I want to live.

I learn sorrow.

I find my strength.

I say, “I can make it through this”

My lungs are not made for breathing.

I’m an energetic, talkative, teenager.

My hero is my lung donor.

I am a miracle.

I live with transplanted organs.

I feel victorious.

I love Jesse McCartney.

I listen to pop music on my iPod.

I dance at my prom.

I read text messages.

I wish for a boyfriend.

I’m afraid of rejection.

I don’t know who I want to be.

I learn gratitude.

I find my patience.

I say, “The best is yet to come”

Are my new lungs made for breathing?

I am a depressed, scared, adult.

My hero is my dad.

I am broken.

I live in fear.

I feel defeated.

I love my husband.

I listen to the devil inside me.

I dance at my wedding.

I read Jodi Picoult.

I wish to be happy.

I’m afraid of failure.

I want to be an artist.

I learn potential.

I find resistance.

I say, “I give up”

I haven’t realized my lungs are made for breathing.

I am a blessed, hopeful, Christ follower.

My hero is God.

I am appreciative.

I live courageously.

I feel rescued.

I love Jesus.

I listen to sermons.

I sing in church.

I read the bible.

I pray for acceptance.

I’m afraid of the devil.

I want to be a believer.

I learn forgiveness.

I find peace.

I say, “Praise the Lord”

I’m still breathing.

I am a proud, strong, woman.

My hero is my grandma.

I am an encourager.

I live fearlessly.

I feel free.

I love myself.

I listen to my heart.

I dance whenever I want to.

I read daily devotionals.

I pray for redemption.

I want to be a writer.

I learn success.

I find my voice.

I say, “look at me now”

Finally, I know my lungs are made for breathing.

© Amber Newman 2017

Listen to the perfect song for this poem, Alive, performed by SIA.


The old is gone. The new is here. Your faith is guiding you on the right path. You’re destined for greatness. Your life was made for living. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you fall off the track. Learn, grow, and discover the new you.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.


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18 thoughts on “My Lungs Are Made For Breathing

  1. Wow Amber (lovely name) when you read all of that it really shows a journey of strength, pain, joy, hope and belief. You have to think if you can survive all that you can survive anything. Did you ever do any paintings?

    I had such a strong urge to write a book to leave a part of me behind which would show I had achieved something, then my painting kicked in which has completed completely.

    Do you believe that we are given our life journeys before we are born and agree to experience and learn through that journey.?

    To me so many people do not know what it is to live they just exist.



    1. I have never painted, but I’ve always wanted to learn. Its great you find purpose in your paintings. I love art, as well as, writing.

      I do believe we are given a plan for our lives from the time we were conceived. However, Its up to us to learn, grow, and succeed.

      I agree, there are too many people who don’t realize their potential. Seeking the Lord has helped me greatly with this.


  2. Beautiful! I love the rejection pun in your poem, as sad as it is (:
    Finished listening to “What a Beautiful Name” as I read your post — What a Beautiful Song! Thank you for the recommendation!


    1. Thanks! The rejection part was actually referring to my lungs, as well as, boys LOL

      I’m so glad you liked the song! ((hugs))


  3. Wow I don’t know how I missed this one but it’s very well written! I love the poem and how it truly follows your life experiences. You’ve been through so much and to still remain positive and happy is such an inspiration to me!


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