Monday Motivations

Blooming, Bold, and Beautiful

Humans are like flowers. We need food and water in order to grow successfully, as well as, positive light in our lives, just like a flower needs the sun. When we are nurtured daily we are blooming, bold, and beautiful.

It sounds easy, right? Life is wonderful and can be a delightful experience, but unfortunately, often times we are in a drought, struggling to survive. Ultimately, how do we deal with the daily stress of our every day lives? Balance and consistency is the key.

In order for flowers to grow they need firm soil. Soil is the strong foundation that holds everything together. A flower can’t grow without it. You can rely on your soil through rain and shine. Identify the soil in your life. Who or what motivates you to wake up in the morning? For me, my soil is God. He’s the center of my whole world. I know I can count on Him no matter what happens in my life. If I forget my purpose He sets me back in my place. If I’m happy, He’s there. If I’m sad, He’s there. If I need encouragement, He’s there.

There are several petals on your flower of life. Your petals help you keep your life balanced. Your petals represent your family, friends, faith, career, volunteering, finances, and anything else of significance to you. As long as all of your petals have sunlight and water they will stay strong and stable. Your flower will continue to grow and bloom all year long. If any of your petals are weak or missing your flower won’t look as nice of course, but it still has the potential to improve. Identify which petals of your flower need further nurturing. Maybe you noticed lately you haven’t spent much time with your family, or friends. Is there a better way to save and spend your money? Step up and volunteer at a local shelter. Set aside time with God everyday. There are countless options for nurturing your flower. There are no excuses for wilted flowers. Don’t let them die. In other words, prevent yourself from hitting rock bottom.

Nobody’s flower is perfect. We all have our faults. Every flower in your garden is different and uniquely its own. Don’t compare your flowers to all the others. They aren’t from the same garden. Be the flower that stands out from the rest!


You must remember to water your flowers consistently. Weather its every day, every week, or once a month. Identify your needs. Maybe its thirty minutes of quiet time after work, reading, taking a nap, or watching TV. You could benefit from weekly bible study, girls night out, or a date night with your spouse. If your flowers haven’t bloomed, you haven’t watered them enough. A well-hydrated flower will grow.


Let the sun in. The sun is your happiness. Discover what makes you happy and go for it! No excuses. My happiness stems from my hobbies. I love indulging in arts and crafts projects, creative journaling, blogging, reading, and watching my favorite TV shows. Flowers without the sun become sad and will wilt and crumble. Without the sunlight we are in the dark, feeling alone, and are unable to reach our full potential. We are in control of our lives. We are responsible for creating our own sunshine.5d9cbf3191c578c86244665d41758b1b.jpg

When we tend to our flowers consistently we will witness a heavenly garden amidst a translucent rainbow, swarming with happily, dancing, butterflies. Your garden will be big enough to share your wisdom and advice, your love and compassion. Remember to stop and smell the roses. One day you might realize you forgot the scent because you didn’t stop often enough. Most importantly, have faith your flowers will grow and bloom into something wonderful. Be proud that you grew those beautiful, bold, outstanding flowers.


The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our GOD endures forever

Isaiah 40:8



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