Bible Journaling; Creating with Christ


What is bible journaling?

Bible journaling is a fun and effective way to study scripture, grow in faith, and create art, all at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds! There are all sorts of materials available to begin your creative worship, such as, pens and paint to stickers and decorative tape. You don’t need artistic talent to bible journal. There is no right or wrong way. More importantly, you are spending time with God.

Where to begin?

Decide what you want to journal in. Many are choosing to make art inside bibles. There are few companies that sell bibles for this purpose, called journaling bibles. These bibles usually have wider margins to make room for images and drawings. The pages might be a little thicker. However, others are uncomfortable with marking and covering up scriptures in the bible. For this reason, you can choose to use an ordinary spiral notebook, composition book, leather bound journal, or sketchbook.

Tips for using a bible:

I suggest priming the pages of a bible with gesso (available in clear and white) and let dry overnight before applying paint or ink. This extra step will help prevent bleed through to the other side of the page. Can’t draw, no problem. Tracing images is especially easy in a bible because the pages are so thin. You can even purchase coloring bibles with scriptures already printed and ready to color. This best-selling book all about bible journaling suggests several bibles available specifically for bible journaling,  teaches several techniques using stamps, stencils, and paints, and includes images to trace.

Tips for using a notebook or binder:

You have much, much more freedom to express yourself if you use a notebook or binder. You are beginning with a blank page. I personally prefer this way. I can add additional writings and other items, whereas, in a bible, there isn’t much room for a lot of writing. Sometimes writing my thoughts is more important to me, than decorating the page. I just recently switched to a new journal; a small three ring binder. Its easier to access and I can quickly add or remove pages. I’m using the Carpe Diem A5 planner from Simple Stories. Who said a planner has to be for daily planning? There are several other planners on the market including, Heidi Swapp, Creative Year, and Illustrated Faith, as well as others.


I also purchased the coordinating Faith Insert Set. I love this set! It included many floral themed items, such as, tabbed dividers with scriptures, a storage pocket, sticker sheets, lined pages for journaling, and decorative die-cuts. Don’t feel like you need to go out and buy everything you see online, although, I’m guilty of doing so on many occasions.


Studying Scripture

There are several ways you can dive into scripture each day. One way I enjoy is a quick and easy method I learned from my friend, Jenny. This method is called S.O.A.P. which stands for, scripture, observation, application, and prayer.


You can find the free download of the floral soap page above from Paper and Moss. The size of this page is made for A5 planners and journals.

You can also search on Google or Pinterest for free thirty day writing plans like the one below from Sweet Blessings. 


I’m still in the process of adding sections to my journal. I love organization. Another reason why I enjoy using a binder. It makes things easier to find and it shows the appearance of cleanliness. So far, I’ve added a few labeled stickers from my faith planner set; journal, faith, and study.


Add some character to your journal. Make it your own. I have a variety of clips, tags, and mini envelopes tucked into the side pockets. You can make paper clips using beads or ribbon. Tags can also be made very quickly with decorative paper and a standard hole punch.




I’ve always been one to save items of sentimental value. It helps me remember all the sweet memories I’ve accumulated over the years. I recently began saving paper products from eventful days. Flat, paper-like items are great things to attach in your journal. I’ve gathered programs from church, meaningful greeting cards, special photos, and my favorite song lyrics. Last month, I saved a sparkly silver greeting card from my cousin, asking me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. It’s the small things that make life big. Record it!

Stay tuned on Friday for a free journaling giveaway!

I hope you enjoy creating while recording your life with Christ in your heart. We sure have a lot to praise Him for.


Much love and blessings,



8 thoughts on “Bible Journaling; Creating with Christ

  1. Interesting and inspiring! Great way to capture meaningful verses for easy access. Thanks for product info and suggestions about how to get started. Love your ideas!

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  2. I love these ideas! I have the Inspire Bible, which has room for journaling and pre-printed Scriptures and pictures to color, and I love it! I actually only write short notes in my Bible though. I use a separate journal, so I’m definitely going to check out your suggestions here. Thanks for sharing!

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