Pocket Letter Pen Pals

What is a pocket letter?

Pocket Letters are pen pal letters with mini surprises inside. Who doesn’t love surprise mail? The good kind, of course. Pocket Letters are made from a nine sleeve trading card page. Similar to making an ATC, (check out my ATC blog from earlier this month) instead of creating one card, you make nine! There are several different groups online that provide specific themes for making your PL, such as, Disney, summer and holidays. After you’ve designed the front of the page, you fold your written or typed letter and tuck it inside one of the pockets. Fill the remaining pockets with small flat-like goodies, such as, stickers, paper clips, die cut shapes or tea packets. Fold your page and insert inside a standard size ten envelope.

Where do you find pocket letter pals?

Janette, the creator of pocket letters, is the owner of the official pocket letter website. You can join her network for a small fee (including a free 7 day trial) and find a variety of groups that may suit your interests. You can also find and join a PL group on Facebook. I’ve had great success with swap groups on Craftster. There are several rules in place, but only to ensure there are no flakers. I do not recommend searching random people on social media to swap with. There are often no firm agreements associated with personal swaps, which can lead to people backing out or not sending a promised package.

Who created pocket letters?

Janette Lane is the founder of pocket letters(TM). She is a full time craft designer, blogger and online shop owner. You can watch her video tutorials on YouTube. Jeanette also loves planners, journaling and watercolor.


Janette Lane

Pocket letters are made with a variety of materials. I’ve compiled a list of supplies I always use.

Pocket Letter Must Haves:

  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Adhesives
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Paper Clips
  • Stickers
  • Decorative Tape (Washi)
  • Embellishments (die cuts, sequins, gemstones, 3-D stickers)
  • Goodies to include for your pal (stickers, tea packets, tags, handmade items)
  • Envelopes to mail your PL
  • 3-Ring binder to store your PL collection

Here are a few examples of pocket letters I’ve designed for other women. These were specifically made for the receivers requested themes:


The goodies for your pal fit into the back pockets. This is what the back of the pocket letter is supposed to look like:


I hope you had fun learning all about pocket letters. Time to find some pals to swap with!

Enjoy the week ahead and smile!

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