Artist Trading Cards

What are artist trading cards?

Artist trading cards or ATCs are miniature cards of art, measuring two and a half inches by three in a half inches. Each piece of art must be this size, otherwise, it’s not classified as an artist trading card. Artists use their preferred media, to create ATCs and trade them with other artists, around the world.

How do I create an artist trading card?

Most online group swaps are open to all media and materials, as long as the card can fit into a standard trading card sleeve. Include your information on the back of the card, such as, your name, date and title of the artwork. Most of the time, ATCs are traded, not sold. Cards that are sold by the artist are called, Art Card Editions and Originals. (ACEO)

How do I trade Cards?

You can search online for an in-person swap in your area, find an online group, or organize your own. There are several websites for online swaps. I have participated in monthly swaps on Craftster, however, they have a number of rules in place, to ensure the swap runs smoothly and successfully. I have also swapped cards with women in Flickr ATC groups. Both of these websites require a free membership. Trading internationally is a lot of fun, but you could run into customs issues, if your card is mailed in anything but a flat standard envelope. There is also a higher chance of it getting lost. Be prepared to make more cards and deliver again. I stopped trading across boarders because of the cost.



The majority of my ATC assortment features my favorite things, made especially for me, such as, butterflies, Peter Pan (captain hook) and the galaxy. Other cards have been chosen by me, from looking through photos of artist’s collections, on Flickr. They have been delivered to me, from countries including, Canada, Germany, Thailand, Australia and The Netherlands.

Featured Artist


Jane Davenport

Who is Jane Davenport?

For a few years, I have been following, on social media, Australian artist and best-selling author, Jane Davenport. She loves to feel inspired and to inspire others. I’m inspired by her unique sketch style and use of colors. She offers online workshops on her website. Join her FREE workshop today! Jane also has a small section of products available at Michael’s. (USA and Canada) Ranging from watercolor paints and paper to washi tape and stamps. She lives with her husband and three dogs.

Read more about Jane.

Lets get started!

I use a heavy card stock for the base of my cards, but you can also recycle items, such as, thin cardboard or even a cereal box. You can cut the card freehand or use an ATC template. I use this Sizzix die, to cut my cards. There are also packs of twenty pre-cut cards, available from Strathmore. I decided to use one of my favorite mediums for these cards, mixed media. I used Jane Davenport, as my inspiration.


Strathmore Bristol Paper (300 Series)

Scrapbook Paper Sheets

Acrylic Stamps by Jane Davenport

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

I started by stamping a Jane face onto white card stock, using black VersaFine ink. I colored the faces in, with Tombow Portrait Palette brush pens. When you are working with markers or watered media, be sure to use stamping ink that is water resistant, otherwise, you’ll have a messy pool of colors on the page. This was my first time using these pens and I have to say, I’m quite pleased with the results! The rich colors lay down very easily and smoothly. They blend together nicely.  The dual tips are an added bonus. I’ve experimented with several different brands of markers and these are my absolute favorite! My birthday is next month and my wish is to own more of these pens. Check out this current deal including free products!


I found a few sheets of watercolor designs scrapbook paper at Michael’s that looked similar to Jane’s style and used these papers as my background. I glued on Recollections flower embellishments and gold leaf charms, from my jewelry making supplies. I stamped some words, to give them some personality. Of course, my cards aren’t complete until I’ve added butterfly sequins!


I store my ATC collection in clear nine sleeve trading card pages, You can buy a package of these at your local office supply or craft store. My cards are protected and safe, inside a colorful three ring binder.

My Jane Davenport inspired ATCs are available for trade. (USA trades only) Leave a comment or contact me if you want to swap. I would be happy to do so!

Enjoy the week ahead and smile!

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