Crafting on a Budget

Let’s be honest. We all spend more than we would like to admit! You might go a little crazy (ok, maybe a lot), buying supplies you really don’t need. Two questions I ask myself are, do I need this? and do I already have a product that is similar? We should all be practicing self control. Often times before I step foot in a craft store, I set a limit of how much I can spend, otherwise, there is no telling what will end up in my shopping basket or cart. It will be piled to the top before I know it. buying-craft-supplies-meme.jpg

It’s easy to get carried away into convincing yourself, its necessary to own a specific craft item, when you really don’t need it at all. You can still make successful projects, without going over your budget. I definitely proved this to myself, after I shopped the clearance shelves at Michael’s. Today, I’m sharing a few projects you can make, for less than five dollars!


Unfinished Wood Birdhouse10154123_01_2000px.jpg




Mini Birdhouse ($1)

Whitewash Wood Paper Sheet ($0.69)

Shredded Paper ($1)

White Paint ($1)

Tiny Treasures Greenery ($1.19)

Total Cost: $4.88

Surprisingly, my husband was with me during my shopping trip to Michael’s. He encouraged me to buy this cute little bird house. I used white acrylic paint for the fence and instead of painting the birdhouse, I glued on white wood design paper. Cutting the paper for the front of the birdhouse and chimney was a challenge, but I did it! With a dark brown marker, I colored the edges of the roof and stuffed in some tan shredded paper, from the dollar bin, into the fenced in area, to look like a nest. The greenery inside the heart is from Tiny Treasures. I cut up a few silk leaves, I had leftover from another project and hot glued them onto the surrounding base areas of the house. The final touch is a bird silhouette, from a bird die cut I already had in my stash.

Galvanized Letters






Mini Galvanized Letter (two at $1.49 each)

Typewriter Scrapbook Paper Sheet ($0.69)

Acrylic Paint ($0.79)

Total Cost: $4.46

Magnetic Memo Board





When I was at Hobby Lobby last week, browsing the clearance section, I spotted a 12 x 12 sheet of metal. I’ve been wanting to make a memo board (specifically magnetic) for quite some time, but I haven’t been willing to spend the money. The perfect time must have been now. That piece of metal was calling my name! This project can be pricey, but because I already had a black picture frame, I was planning on getting rid of, I recycled it for this project. When shopping for metal, bring a magnet with you, to make sure it will stick to the sheet. Some metals have weak magnetic fields, while some are stronger and others aren’t magnetic at all. Sometimes the type of metal is not specified on the packaging.

I took the glass out of the frame, to make it not as heavy when hanging. The sheet of metal already has some weight on it. I placed the piece of metal design first and then my choice of paper, which was red. I recommend using a solid color card stock. It will make the metal design really stand out. I secured them in place with the cardboard backing, from the frame. I added some clips and magnets. It matches our kitchen perfectly, with our stainless steel appliances!


Magnetic 12 x 12 Aluminum Sheet ($3.59)

One Sheet of Card Stock ($0.69)

Total Cost: $4.28

These small 3-D letters are the perfect little knick knack for my book shelf. I was lucky enough to find my initials, when looking through a very small clearance selection. I painted the edges of my letters black, to match the furniture in our bedroom. I traced the letters on scrapbook paper, that had typing font on it and cut it to fit the front of the A and N. I attached the paper with Mod Podge. I searched through my box of dies and decided to use a few red flower and flourish embellishments, cut from Sizzix tattered florals thinlits and decorative flourishes set. The perfect final touch was, a tiny white pearl bead in the center. These would make cute magnets as well. They are light enough hold up.

Thank You Cards





While I was looking through the sale bins at Michael’s, I came across these blank thank you cards. At first glance, I didn’t know what I would use them for, but then, I found the Mr. and Mrs. rubber stamp and immediately knew I was going to make a set of cards, for my cousin’s upcoming wedding next year. I bought two packs for a total of sixteen cards. These will be for her bridal shower, not the wedding. That would be a lot of cards to make! The wedding colors will be blush pink and silver. Using a Tombow dual brush pen (800), I colored a very soft blush pink inside of the stamp. I can’t wait to give these to her at her engagement party.


Thank You Cards & Envelopes, Set of 8  ($1.50)

Wooden Stamp ($2)

Total Cost: $3.50

Candy Dish





This project is fast and easy! All you need is a candle holder or small bowl and some stickers. You can find various size votives at your local dollar or craft store. The butterfly sticker was actually a wall decal, but who said it had to be stuck on the wall? During your trip to the dollar store, stop by the candle isle and choose some treats to fill your dish.


Medium Glass Votive Holder ($1)

Stickers ($1)

Candy ($1)

Total Cost: $3.00

How do you make a craft free of cost? Use what you have! If you’re anything like me, there is always something to make with the several boxes of materials you already own. Dig deep into your collection of supplies and challenge yourself to make something from what you find. Maybe you’ll discover a use for that item you forgot you purchased five months ago.

Your creativity can really shine when your supplies are limited. Crafting on a budget isn’t easy, but you can do it!

Enjoy the week ahead and smile!

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