Book of the Month-Small Great Things

This months book is written by my all time favorite author, Jodi Picoult. I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Picoult during her book tour last October, at The King Arts Complex, in Columbus Ohio. She has such a sweet personality. Picoult has twenty-five novels on the New York Times best selling books list. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.

Meeting Jodi Picoult. October 2016

Jodi consistantly writes her novels surrounding challenging and risky topics we deal with in the present time such as, divorce, religion, sexual abuse, gay rights, terminal illness and organ donation. Small Great Things raises the issue of racism. As with all of her writings, she did quite a bit of research for this book. She has admitted, this story has been the most difficult work of her career. This is being adapted into a film, starring Viola Davis and Julia Roberts. No release date has been set yet.

It was no surprise, I finished reading this book in two days. I’m always on an emotional roller coaster as I read through Jodi’s stories. When I’m nearing the last few pages, I want to know more and more about the characters ongoing lives. Small Great Things really opened my eyes and helped me see the way a woman of color could be living like today. I haven’t realized how privileged I am being a young, white woman. I struggled reading about Turk’s point of view, but because of his ignorance, it made me want to keep reading about Ruth and her daily struggles.

Small Great Things revolves around the life of Ruth, an African American, registered nurse, working on the labor and delivery unit at a hospital, until one day she struggles to decide weather she should save the life of a baby, suffering from cardiac arrest. The parents of this baby happen to be white supremacists, who specifically requested that Ruth not come into contact with their child at all. Will she go against their requested orders? Ruth is ultimately charged with a serious crime. A white public defender agrees to take the case, under one condition, she will not mention race in the courtroom. As the story continues, both women learn about each other’s drastically different lifestyles. Is what they’ve learned about life really the truth?

As usual, Picoult’s characters are very detailed and well written. I feel like I have come to know each person by the end of the book. The main characters, Ruth, Kennedy and Turk, tell the story from their own points of view. This wonderful novel about prejudice and justice will keep you ponding what really matters.

Read an excerpt from Small Great Things.

If you enjoyed this book I recommend my other personal favorites, My Sister’s Keeper, Change of Heart and The Storyteller.

Check out her young adult novels, Between the Lines and the sequel, Off the Page, Jodi co-wrote with her daughter, Samantha Van-Leer. A great fairytale to read along with your daughter.





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  1. Love Jodi too! She’s a very good author. I really liked “my sisters keeper”. Keep up the awesome work on your blog. I enjoy reading it & always look forward to the next one!

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