Summer Lantern Jars

Celebrate summer, with these glowing creations! When I first saw this project on Pinterest, I knew instantly I had to try it. I LOVE fairies! This craft can be made with other die cut shapes besides fairies, such as, flowers or animals. I couldn’t find any fairy die cut cartridges for my Sizzix Big Kick machine, so, I bought a batch on E-bay from seller EJ.

Supplies List:

Smooth Glass Jar

Black Die Cuts

White Tissue Paper

Mod Podge

Clear Glitter

Flameless Candle or LED lights

Greenery (optional)

Embellishments (optional)

Charms (optional)

First, choose your die cuts. I’ve used fairies, roses, butterflies and words. Next, you’ll find various shapes and sizes of glass jars at your local craft store, or recycle a smooth jar, such as, a pickle or nacho cheese jar. Follow Chemistry Cachet’s instructions, for removing labels from jars. Keep in mind the size of the die cut and jar of your choosing. You don’t want a jar too small, or too big to fit your silhouette.

Various size jars

Glue your silhouette shapes to the inside of the jar, using a long paint brush and mod lodge. Use the paintbrush to position the die cuts where you want them to be. CAUTION: Do not stick your hand in a narrow jar! I recommend using a jar wide enough for the size of your hand. Work as quickly as you can. Mod Podge dries fast on glass. Decide on the layout before you start gluing. Don’t worry about smearing glue all over the jar. It will dry clear.

Wet Glue

Using your paintbrush, cover the outside of the jar with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Lay down white tissue paper on a flat surface and gently roll jar to cover entire surface, making sure the end crease line is on the back, where no one can see it. Fold over the tissue paper ends on the bottom of the jar. Be careful handling the jar while the tissue paper is still wet with glue. To prevent tearing, while wet, do not touch the tissue paper. Hold the jar at the top where the lid is and set down to dry. You will see wrinkles and creases in the tissue paper. Don’t look at these as imperfections. That’s what makes each lantern unique!

Tissue paper folded over bottom of jar

When the tissue paper is dry, brush Mod Podge where you want the clear glitter to be seen and sprinkle on desired area. I use a glitter tray as an easy way to pour remaining unused glitter back into the container. Another color of glitter will work if you don’t want to use crystal.

Glitter around the edges

Dress up your lantern a little more adding greenery, embellishments and charms around the lid. I attached these using E6000 glue. Insert a flameless candle or LED light inside the jar. The LED candles I’m using have two settings; yellow light and color changing. Try different colors. I used a purple light in one of my lanterns.

Display your glowing creation. Perfect for little girls bedroom’s, celebrations and weddings or give as gifts.

Experiment with different silhouettes:

Made by my uncle with color changing LED light

Purple LED light. Inspired by those living with Cystic Fibrosis

Read the 65 Roses story.

Need more visual help? Check out Nichola’s fairy lantern video tutorial.

Join me next Tuesday for another project. Enjoy the week ahead and smile!










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